Результат ла примитива испания

Лотерея el gordo de la primitiva – ставки и выигрыши

When Are The La Primitiva Results Drawn?

La Primitiva has two draws a week. The first is on a Thursday evening at 20.30, and the second is on a Saturday at 21.30. The draw takes place in Spain. It uses a 6/49 format, which means that it chooses 6 balls out of a possible 49 to pick the first six numbers. The Reintegro is selected out of a possible nine numbers. Before it was shut down in 1863, it used a 5/90 format, but this was done away with when it was re-introduced in 1985.

The lottery also runs a side game in addition to the main game. It’s an optional joker game. It generates a random seven-digit number for you, and if you match, you can win up to €1000. The results of the joker game are drawn at the same time as the main La Primitiva draw and then posted online shortly afterwards. Multilotto will publish the results on the desktop site, mobile site, and the app as soon as possible.

La Primitiva Results Online — Latest Lotto Results

La Primitiva lottery is one of the oldest lotteries in the world. It was first played in the year 1763, and has had some of the highest prizes. Playing La Primitiva couldn’t be any more simple when played with Multilotto. You can play online easily, and you can set up a subscription so that you never miss a draw again. You can choose 6 of your La Primitiva lotto numbers between 1-49, but the machine randomly selects the 7th number, the Reintegro, for you.

The lottery has two draws a week and offers 6 prize divisions. You can win prizes if you match 3 or more of the numbers. If you match all six, and the Reintegro ball, you win the Especial jackpot. This jackpot rolls over, meaning that it just keeps getting bigger and bigger until somebody wins it. There’s also the optional joker side game, which gives you a random seven-digit number and gives you a chance to win more prizes.

More Reasons To Play Online At Multilotto

There are so many reasons to play online at Multilotto. You can set up a subscription for the La Primitiva lottery draw, so you will never miss a game. You can choose to use the same numbers for every game, or you can set it up to always do a quick pick, where your numbers are randomly selected for you. After the draw, you can check the results online, or through the app. Another reason to play at Multilotto is that it’s not just La Primitiva that has an attractive jackpot.

You can play other lotteries from around the world at Multilotto, including some of the most famous and most well known. You can try the Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, Irish Lotto, Mega-Sena, and many more. You just choose your numbers or let the quick pick choose them for you, and pay using the safe and secure online lottery concierge service. You can even set up jackpot alerts on your account so that you’ll be notified of any particular big jackpots, so you know which lottery to play.

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