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US Mega Millions FAQ

  1. Can non-US citizens play Mega Millions?

    Yes, they can. According to the Mega Millions rules, the game is open for both American and non-American citizens over the age of 18. The legal age may vary from one state to another. In some states, the lottery is open to people over the age of 21.

  2. Can I play Mega Millions outside the US?

    Yes, you can play the US Mega Millions outside of the US if you play online. theLotter is the leading lottery messenger platform where you can enter the game from anywhere in the world.

  3. If you win Mega Millions online, how much of the prize do you get?

    If you win a Mega Millions prize online on theLotter, you get it 100%. theLotter does not charge commissions on the prizes won on their platform, so whatever you win is your entirely.

How Are the Mega Millions Numbers Drawn?

Behind all the lights and TV cameras, a tremendous amount of behind-the-scenes work and security goes into ensuring that each Mega Millions draw is random and free from tampering, and that every ticket has an equal chance of winning.

US$ 142 Million


Mega Millions eschews computers for mechanical, gravity pick machines which are still considered to be the most random and tamper-proof lottery draw machines to-date. Officials inspect and calibrate every piece of equipment, including the numbered balls, to ensure that there are no outside influences on the results.

Once the draw has concluded and the latest Mega Millions results are in, ticket holders rush to see if they’ve joined the ranks of the biggest Mega Millions winners! With a jackpot that starts at $40 million, Mega Millions has the power to make dreams come true with each and every draw.

Результаты лотереи Mega Millions – на что нужно обращать внимание

Чтобы узнать, стали ли вы победителем, вам надо правильно понять результаты лотереи. Вот всё, что вам нужно знать о процессе проверки номеров:

  • Проверьте 5 основных номеров в соответствующем разделе – их диапазон: от 1 до 70.
  • Проверьте Мега номер «Mega Ball» в разделе «дополнительные номера» – его диапазон: от 1 до 25.
  • Всегда проверяйте полную таблицу распределения призов. Даже если вам не удалось угадать все 5 основных номеров и номер «Mega Ball», вам, возможно, удалось выиграть приз в одной из второстепенных категорий
  • Основные номера и номер «Mega Ball» выбираются из разных диапазонов и не взаимозаменяемы. Например, если в тираже выпал «Mega Ball» 10, а на вашем билете такой номер присутствует среди основных номеров, это не будет считаться совпадением.
  • Удостоверьтесь, что вы проверяете результаты правильного тиража. Чтобы ваш билет был действительным, напечатанная на нем дата должна совпадать с датой проведения тиража.

Buying draw games can be as simple as these three little words…»Play It Again»!

You can now use existing tickets to purchase new tickets printed with your same favorite numbers! With the exciting new «Play It Again» feature, New Jersey Lottery retailers can simply scan your ticket to produce a new one for the same game, numbers, and wager amount.

  • Available for Pick-3, Pick-4, Jersey Cash 5, Pick-6, CASH4LIFE, Mega Millions, Powerball, Quick Draw and CASH POP wagers.
  • Replays the number of draws and boards, bet type, bet amount, Fireball (if orginally played), multiplier (if originally played), BULLSEYE (if originally played) and Instant Match wagers (issuing a new set of numbers).
  • The feature will be available for the next draw, depending on when your ticket is purchased.
  • Quick Pick wagers will be printed with the same numbers as the original wager.
  • Tickets must be replayed within 30 days of purchase of the original ticket.
  • Even previously validated and cancelled tickets can be replayed!

Take your tickets and head to your favorite lottery retailer today to «Play It Again»!

The Mega Millions Prize Categories

There are 9 prize categories in the Mega Millions lottery, including the jackpot. If there is only one winning ticket for the first prize, the winner collects the entire amount. If there is more than one winning ticket for the jackpot, then the winners will get equal shares of the prize. The rest of the secondary prizes in the Mega Millions are guaranteed at the full amount.

Even if you don’t match all the 5 winning numbers and the MegaBall, there are many more prizes you can win every single time. The second prize in the game is worth a full million, guaranteed.  Those who play with the Megaplier can get even more because the multiplier can boost the second prize all the way up to $5 million. In the table below, you can see all the prize categories in the game:

Prize Divisions Match Prize Winning Odds
1st Prize + Min. $40M 1:302,575,350
2nd Prize $1,000,000 1:12,607,306
3rd Prize + $10,000 1:931,001
4th Prize $500 1:38,792
5th Prize + $200 1:14,547
6th Prize $10 1:606
7th Prize + $10 1:693
8th Prize + $4 1:89
9th Prize $2 1:37

Mega Millions Prizes FAQ

  1. How many numbers do you need to win on Mega Millions?

    To win the Mega Millions jackpot, you need to match all the 5 main numbers and the Mega Ball. To win a prize in the Mega Millions lottery, you need to match at least the Mega Ball.

  2. How many numbers do you need to win anything in the Mega Millions?

    To win a prize in the Mega Millions lottery, you have to match at least the Mega Ball. This will earn you the 9th prize in the Mega Millions, worth $2. If you match the Mega Ball and any of the 5 main numbers, you qualify for the 8th prize category, worth $4.

  3. Do you need the Megaplier to win the jackpot?

    No, you do not need the Megaplier to win the Mega Millions jackpot. The Megaplier is the lottery’s multiplier and it is an extra feature that you can add to your ticket to increase your prizes (2x, 3x, 4x, or 5x).

  4. Do you need the Mega Ball to win the jackpot?

    Yes, you need to match the Mega Ball, as well as all the 5 main numbers to win the Mega Millions jackpot. If you only match the 5 main numbers, but not the Mega Ball, you will qualify for the $1 million second prize.

  5. Does one number on Mega Millions win anything?

    No, matching only one of the main numbers in the Mega Millions does not qualify you for any of the 9 prize categories. However, if you match any 1 of the main numbers and the Mega Ball, you win the 8th prize. The payout is $4.

  6. Do you win anything if you get the Mega Ball number?

    Yes, if you match the Mega Ball only, you qualify for the 9th prize in the Mega Millions lottery, worth $2.

The Advantages of Buying Mega Millions Tickets Online

Not only is it convenient to buy Mega Millions tickets online, but it also brings some amazing advantages. theLotter offers some attractive game formats that can increase your odds of winning the lottery.

  • Syndicates – Buy a share in a Mega Millions syndicate and you’ll be in the game with a large number of ticket without making a huge investment. How? The tickets belong to the entire group and every member purchases shares. Then, the winnings generated by the tickets are shared between the syndicate members according to the shares they have purchased. It’s an instant boost to your chances of winning the Mega Millions!
  • Bundles – with theLotter, you don’t even have to decide between an individual Mega Millions ticket and a share in a syndicate. You can get them both at a special price with the Bundle package! Expand your game online to win more!
  • Systematic Forms – you can buy US Mega Millions tickets with every possible combination of 6-11 of your lucky numbers. This way, if even some of your numbers come up, you will have them on a lot of tickets and win more! It’s like having your very own multiplier and you can get it on theLotter!
  • Multi-Draws and Subscriptions – if you are a Mega Millions regular, theLotter can buy your tickets for you, even for the upcoming draws. Try the Multi-Draw pack to get into the next draws and it will get you a discount. Or you can set up a subscription and get every 10th Mega Millions ticket free of charge.

Mega Millions Payouts

The US Mega Millions is a champion of the lottery world because the prizes it offers are out of this world! $40 million is only the starting amount for its first prize. Then, every time there is no winner, the Mega Millions jackpot gets even bigger. That is how it has reached the enormous amount of $1.537 billion in October 2018. That is the current record, but the next rollover streak could see it broken!

US$ 165 Million


The Mega Millions does not feature a cap for its jackpot, which means that it can grow indefinitely. But that’s not all you can win when you play Mega Millions! There is a total of 9 prize categories in the game and they are all up for grabs on every single draw. The second prize is worth a full $1 million, so you don’t even have to match all the numbers to become a millionaire in this amazing American lottery!

Find the Best Game Format for You on theLotter

Is this your first time buying a ticket in the US Mega Millions or are you a regular? Do you want to stick to the traditional format or do you want to try out something new that will boost your winning odds? Follow the questions below to find the ideal lottery format for you!

  1. Is it better to buy an individual ticket or go for a syndicate?

    If you want to share a larger number of Mega Millions tickets with more players, you should definitely join a syndicate. If you want a one-time-entry, keep on reading! If you want both, then the Bundle pack is the way to go!

  2. How many Mega Millions tickets do you have to buy?
  3. Do you have to multiply your prizes?

    You don’t have to, but checking the Megaplier box will add the multiplier feature to your ticket. This means any secondary prizes you win will be multiplied by 2, 3, 4, or 5.

  4. Do you want to play with your lucky numbers or random ones?

    On theLotter, you get to choose your own numbers. You can enter the game with a random combination of numbers with Quick Pick, you can select your numbers manually, or you can even try a systematic from to play with every possible combination of your lucky numbers. It’s all up to you!

  5. Can I buy tickets for more than one draw?

    On theLotter, you also have the option to subscribe to the Mega Millions lottery. This means that you will participate in consecutive draws with every 10th ticket free. theLotter also offers the option of buying a Multi-Draw pack, an entry to a set amount of consecutive draws, and receive a discount. The discount is greater for larger Multi-draws.

5 Draws 10 Draws 15 Draws 25 Draws 52 Draws
15% 20% 21.5% 22.5% 25%
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